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Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it. At Nichekraft we explore and expose your beauty to the witness of all

E-Learning / Online Training

We offer web solutions with eScheduling, Online Booking for Online Course Providers & eLearning Gadget Manufacturers on rent per user or out-right pay out.

Hospitality Websites & Applications

Hotel, Food and Beverage, & Travel and Tourism Websites, Mobile Applications & Booking Software on rent per user or out-right pay out.

Real Estate Portals

State-of-Art Websites with Booking Mechanism for Real Estate Buyers & Promoters, Agents, Contractors, & Property Developers on rent per user or out-right pay out.

Digital Marketing Consulting

We are specialist in business modeling, digital marketing. We brand, pitch, market and manage. The choice is yours. We model ordinary ideas and automate redundant business operation into successful digital business venture

Customer Management CRMs

With our CRM Application, managing company's interaction with current and potential customers becomes simple and easy. We brake the boredom that chokes growing business. Our focus is customer retention and ultimately sales growth

Community & Networking Websites

We offer variety of  Social Networking & Community Portals on rent per user or out-right pay out.

Graphic Design​​

We are top class when it comes to graphics deign. Be it logo, letterhead, Business Card, Flyers banners, Brochure just name it, we will offer you top quality at affordable price.

Retail / Ecommerce Website

We offer web Applications/Site for B2B, Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Online Shopping Websites & Marketplaces on rent per user or out-right pay out.

Co-operative/Healthcare CMS & CRMs

Digital Solutions for Co-operative Organisations, Health Insurance Providers, Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology Firms on rent per user or out-right pay out.

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Our best is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, even What’s APP. Surprising enough, many people doesn’t know that What’s APP is a great marketing toll. That not withstanding, we make our customer’s choice our best.

No. You must not be in all social network but wherever you are, let you presence be felt.

Of course, your content says a lot about your business. Not just quality but concise and definite content is very useful when it comes to search engine optimization

We don’t just boost your business, we also boost the perception around your business. It’s like a re-birth.

Not at at all, but you could say top class designers are scarce. Print still plays its roles till today. The question should be, who are your target.

Define clearly your targeted customers.

Yes, but most importantly what the project needs. All projects are unique in different ways.

10 out of 10. Our pedigree speaks for us. We can’t trade it for anything.

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